Hybrid Power Solution


The innovative solar - wind turbine hybrid power solution is based on green energy for the majority of the power, and a diesel generator as a backup. In the daytime, electricity is generated by the solar panels and supplies power to the CCTV equipment and charges the battery. At night, batteries charge the CCTV equipment.

When solar energy is at a shortage (such as in winter) or consecutive rainy days, the battery will be charged by wind turbine and backup generator.

This hybrid power supply can solve the interruption risk of pure solar power when the amount of sunlight can fluctuate between different seasons or on consecutive rainy days.

The hybrid power system produces an excess of power throughout the year.


 Secure & Reliable Power           


The hybrid power solution powers the 4G router and transmits data to the monitoring center. Even if the national grid shuts down, the hybrid system will continue to record & transmit data.

Live video can be transmitted through your phone or computer depending upon operational requirements.


The battery bank on a solar or wind power system acts like an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). However, the battery is normally bigger than on a UPS, and so is able to power the system for much longer, quite often with 7 to 10 days autonomously.

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