Analogue System

• 24hr monitored system by professional monitoring station 

• Footage can be used as evidence for prosecution 
• View your site remotely at any time from your mobile phone or laptop
• Cameras can be moved as the site progresses 
• 5MP HD 30m night-vision cameras (75% cheaper than manned guarding)

                                                                                Time Lapse Video Production 

CCTV EXPERTS provides high-quality time lapse video production services for construction, demolition and refit projects. 
CCTV EXPERTS will create a video based on your specifications to ensure you receive a time lapse video that captures your project perfectly. The high quality time lapse video cameras can be installed on the post as part of a site or as a completely standalone unit. We pride ourselves on our market-leading position, supplying our own manufactured product and a service which starts at site survey, right through installation, maintenance, alarm response and monthly reporting, detailing onsite events and speed of action from the CCTV EXPERTS team.  


Here is a video.

*Each addition extra camera for the WIRED system is £6.00 if required after installation.

Key Holding & Response are charged at £35 plus VAT (per call out).

All monitoring included

CCTV Experts Yorkshire
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