Welcome to CCTV Experts Yorkshire, we use the latest technology to give you an easy to use, reliable and robust system. We have built our business on our local reputation and word of mouth from our customers. All because we love what we do and helping customers like you.


​Our mission is to provide our clients with the most reliable and highest quality security solutions in the industry. Our goal is to build trust and develop long term relationships with our clients. We aim to continue to exceed their expectations with our innovative products, quality service and loyalty.

  • Qualified, skilled and experienced installers.

  • Best practice installation processes.

  • High quality cameras, DVRs, NVR and cabling.

  • Many satisfied customers.

  • Supply, installation, repairs and upgrade of CCTV systems, support and maintenance plans.



CCTV-Expert's offers a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on products, and a 1 year warranty on installation. If installation fails within the first year, then we will arrange for an engineer to visit and resolve the issue for free. If a product fails within warranty, then the engineer will identify the problem at your property and try to repair it. If they cannot repair the hardware, they will replace it there and then.


CCTV Maintenance, Servicing & Support

After the first year, if you have signed up for one of our CCTV maintenance plans, then we will send one of our engineers for annual maintenance. We will call you,  to book an appointment, for an experienced engineer to visit. Maintenance includes:

  • Adjusting cameras

  • Recalibrating cameras

  • Cleaning cameras

  • Checking DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

  • Cleaning inside DVR

  • Defragmenting hard drive and formatting (if required)

  • Cleaning fan

  • Ensuring the camera housing is weather proof

  • Trimming any bushes or branches that are covering cameras

CCTV Experts Yorkshire
Tel: 07432 758 530

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